Edmond RABASSE, my great grandfather, who was both a hatter and winemaker bought, in 1890, from General Colonieu (for whom he worked), the cabanon – or cottage – in which he lived and 3ha of land surrounding it .  Around 1925 his son Marcel RABASSE, who was an electrician and winemaker, took over the land and added 5 hectares of vineyards and olive groves

Then, in 1950, Jeanine RABASSE , my mother, married Abel CHARAVIN. Together, they gave the small estate a new focus – exculsively on wine-making. To the wines of Cairanne, they added more in Rasteau, which originally belonged to my father.
By then, the property covered more than 20 Ha . The tone was set, the sale of bottles increased – and the domaine began to make a name for itself.



It was in 1984 that I took up the torch. My husband, Jean Paul COUTURIER, who doesn’t work on the domaine but comes from a family of wine-makers, brought to our enterprise many vines on the Plan de Dieu and in Violès.  In 1993, my daughter Laure joined the team.


Currently we produce Cairanne (red and white), Rasteau, Plan de Dieu, Côtes du Rhône (red, white & rosé) and Vin de France. The total domaine is now about 40 Ha . The work is shared between 5 full time and 2 part-time employees.
Approximately 50% of our wine is sold here in our cellar, 35 % is exported and the remaining 15% goes to specialist shops, restaurants and wine fairs. . .