In 1880, François Rabasse, father of Edmond, purchased from General Victor Colonieu the cabanon or cottage where he lived with his family. He also bought the surrounding three hectares of vines and olive trees which he tended.

Edmond Rabasse, who was also a hatmaker, continued the cultivation – vinifying the harvest and selling up to 500 bottles of wine per year!

In 1925 his son, Marcel Rabasse, after originally starting work as an electrician, took over the business, adding another five hectares and developing the sale of bottles.

In 1950 his daughter, Jeannine, married Abel Charavin, a native of Rasteau where he owned a small vineyard. The Domaine was also enlarged by acquisitions and soon covered almost twenty hectares.

The tone was set, sales in bottles increased significantly and the wines, widely recognised for their qualities, were rewarded in the many competitions where they were exhibited.

In 1984, Corinne took up the torch, sooner than expected since her father fell ill and died just two years later. Her husband, Jean-Paul Couturier, brought vineyards in Violès, Travaillan and Plan de Dieu to the Domaine. With these new additions, the total area reached the forty hectares of today.

In 1993 their daughter, Laure, joined the team and today she is in charge of the company.

Domaine Rabasse Charavin continues to move forward and recently a new cave has been built which is better suited to the demands of today’s business.