Our wines


White wines


Clairette 60% (15 – 20 years), Roussannes 40% (5 years).
Situated in the middle of the hillside. Average yield – 35 hl/ha,
The wine is produced by direct pressing and is matured in enamel vats.
A dry white wine that can be drunk as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to seafood or fish.
Conservation – 2 years. Serve at 12/15°


45% Clairette, 40% Bourboulenc, 15% Viognier.
Pretty pale gold colour with silvery reflections. The floral expression is matched by a fruity, complex and charming sweetness. Charm, character and elegance are the key words that identify this wine. Harmonious and generous, it makes a worthy accompaniment to summer meals and simple meals as well as truly stylish ones. To be opened within 5 years


Roussanne (10 years)
A south-facing parcel with clay/limestone soil and vines on 1.5m stakes. Average yield – 25hl/ha.
Produced by direct pressing, the wine is matured in enamel vats.
A very rounded, dry white wine with aromas of white flowers.
Can be drunk with oily fish, white meats or simply as an aperitif.
Conservation 2 – 5 years. Serve at 15/16°

Red wines


Young vines of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvèdre.
Average yield 25 hl/ha.  Traditional vinification, aged in béton vats.
A wine to share with friends. Fruity and round, it is perfect with snacks, cold meats and mixed salads. Serve at 15/16 °


Syrah 100% (vines planted in 1965)
The vines are situated on a south-facing clay/limestone hillside. Average yield – 30 hl/ha
Manual harvesting, sorting and de-stemming. Matured in stainless steel vats with a submerged « chapeau de marc ».
The wine is a deep purplish-red, with a nose of black, jammy fruit, spices and fresh leather. A smooth, rounded, mouth-filling wine with a long finish of ripe, silky tannins.
Conservation – 15 years.


Grenache 85% (30 – 50 years), Cinsault 15% (30 – 50 years)
A parcel of gravelly soil situated in Violès, in an area called Les Louisannes
Average yield – 30hl/ha. Traditional vinification. Matured in béton vats.
A deep, fruity wine with plenty of character, perfect with grills or red meats.
Conservation 3 – 6 years. Serve at 15/17°


Grenache (40 – 50 years)
A selection of parcels of land on the « Plan de Dieu », which is a stony plateau with up to 12 metres of rounded pebbles. The parcels are very sunny and warm.
Average yield – 20 à 25hl/ha,Traditional vinification. Matured in béton vats.
A wine full of the scents and flavours of Provence, it partners meats, either in a rich sauce or grilled.
Conservation 7 – 8 years. Serve at 15/18°


Grenache 60% (15 to 60 years), Syrah 20% (30 years), Mourvèdre 20% (7 to 30 years).
With strong notes of red fruit and mouth-filling spices on the finish, this wine is perfect with all kinds of meat and cheese.
Best decanted before serving.
Conservation 3 – 5 years. Serve at 15/17°


Grenache 70% (40 – 70 years), Syrah 15% (20 – 30 years), Cinsault 5% (15 – 20 years), Counoise 10% (30 years)
The vines are situated high on a clay/limestone hillside, facing south.
Average yield – 30hl/ha, Traditional vinification. Matured in béton vats
This wine appears lighter in the first 2 – 3 years but it develops aromatic flavours of red fruit and peppery spice as it matures.
Conservation 5 – 8 years. Serve at 15/17°


Grenache 80% (80 – 100 years), Syrah 20% (25 – 30 years)
The vines face due south, high on a clay/limestone hillside.
Average yield – 25hl/ha, Traditional vinification. Matured in béton vats.
A wine with tannis which are both tight and yet very fine, due to the soil and the great age of the vines.
Concentrated, peppery and spicy, it is the perfect marriage with braised meats and red meat in general.
Conservation 7 – 12 years. Serve at 17/18°


Grenache 60% (40 – 70 years), Mourvedre 35% (25 – 30 years), Carignan 5% (45 years)
The vines are high on a hillside of clay and limestone heathland.
Average yield – 30hl/ha, Traditional vinification. Matured in béton vats.
A dark-coloured, mouth-filling wine, with a strong « nose ».
Decant two hours before tasting at cellar temperature
This wine complements game birds – or a simple piece of beef.
Conservation 8 – 12 years. Serve at 15/17


Grenache 70% (40 – 70 years), Mourvedre 30% (30 years)
The vines are situated high on a clay/limestone hillside.
Average yield – 30hl/ha.
Traditional vinification. Matured in béton vats.
A deep ruby colour, the wine has an aromatic nose fruit and spices. A fruity, mouth-filling wine with ripe, silky tannins.
Conservation 8 – 12 years.



Harvesting is manual. The bunches of red grapes arrive at thecave’ and pass over a sorting table before being taken to the de-stemmer. The grapes are then vatted in concrete tanks. Pumping over is carried out regularly during alcoholic fermentation.

Our red wines are not filtered, hence the presence of a slight natural deposit in the bottles. It may happen that the wines contain a little gas – this is a natural protection for the wine and it avoids putting too much sulphur. It only needs to be decanted into a carafe to dissipate it.

Wine is a LIVING product! We respect its evolution over time.

Some wines require more time than others to ferment, so the bottling and sale of the wine depend on the natural pace of the process.

In the vineyards too, nature is respected. We cultivate the soil manually and mechanically. We do not use any herbicides or insecticides. No chemical fertilisers either! We make an organic contribution to the soil with a compost based on sheep manure.

Our domain started its conversion to organic farming in January 2020 and it has been HVE certified since August 2019.